Induced Seismicity Monitoring Project (ISMP)


ISMP is a collaborative effort involving Geoscience BC, BC Oil and Gas Commission, Pacific Geoscience center of the Geological Survey of Canada, and Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers to monitor seismicity in the northeast British Columbia and its association with fluid injection from hydraulic fracturing and wastewater disposal in the region. Mahan Geophysical Consulting provides scientific assessments including evaluation of the capabilities of the current regional seismographic network and future improvement in seismic monitoring in the region, seismological analyses on new incident areas, real-time automatic identification of events, analysis of ground-motion amplitudes from felt events, and work in cooperation with BC Oil and Gas commission with consultation on regulations aiming at mitigation of seismic hazard from future events and advice on the performance of the private seismic networks belonging to the oil and gas industry. Moreover, Mahan Geophysical Consulting provides expert advice and acts as a reviewer for research proposals submitted to Geoscience BC and BC Oil and Gas Commission. Since February 2015 various tasks were performed and published in peer-reviewed journals and technical reports.