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BCH Dam Safety: Historical Ground Motion Recordings

BCH Dam Safety: Historical Ground Motion Recordings


Mahan Geophysical Consulting Inc. is actively engaged in providing essential logistical, technical, and overall support to BC Hydro Dam Safety strategic endeavor to compile an extensive repository of historical ground motion recordings originating from induced earthquakes within the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, encompassing northeast British Columbia and western Alberta. This initiative encompasses both publicly available and relevant private stations.

Key Activities:

1) Compilation of comprehensive catalogues detailing historical induced earthquakes and pertinent metadata sourced from multiple reputable outlets including Natural Resources Canada, Alberta Energy Regulators, and other authoritative publications.

2) Acquisition of digital three-component waveforms corresponding to each recorded earthquake as outlined in the compiled catalogues. These waveforms are obtained in SEED and SAC formats.

3) Data processing of acquired digital waveforms to generate curated flatfiles. These files incorporate event and ground motion information such as event date, time, location, local and moment magnitudes, focal depth, peak ground acceleration, peak ground velocity, peak ground displacement, duration, and pseudo-response spectral acceleration at predefined periods.