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Analysis of Damage Potential of Induced Earthquakes in Oklahoma

Analysis of Damage Potential of Induced Earthquakes in Oklahoma


With the growing concern surrounding the seismicity triggered by wastewater injection in the Central US region, a thorough understanding of the damage potential of induced earthquakes is crucial. Given the significant impact of several recent earthquakes, MahanGeophysical Consulting Inc. served as an expert witness, offering seismological expertise to assess and address the potential risks posed by induced earthquakes in Oklahoma.

Key Activities:

1) Aggregation of earthquake waveform data from public sources, with particular focus on the two most significant earthquakes (the magnitude 5.0 Cushing and magnitude 5.8 Pawnee earthquakes).

2) Data processing and compilation of essential ground motion parameters, including peak acceleration and velocity, spectral acceleration, and duration.

3) Research to identify and apply appropriate ground motion models specific to Oklahoma geological setting (mid-Continent).

4) Calibration of the selected ground motion models using the compiled dataset, followed by the delivery of the finalized model to the client.

5) Estimation of ground motion values at specified distances, catering to the client's specific requirements and needs.